Toyota A History of the First 50 Years

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Hardcover, 522 pages

This book was published in 1988 by Toyota Motor Corporation.

There is a preface by EIji Toyoda and Shoichiro Toyoda. The book covers the origins of Toyota, starting with the invention of equipment used for spinning and weaving, and then perfection of the automatic loom. It covers trial production of a passenger car, and the inception of Japan's motor industry. It covers rebuilding of the company, starting in 1945.

Sections discuss determination to rebuild, Launching of a small passenger car, the labor dispute in the founding of Toyota motor sales company, and a five-year plan for modernizing production facilities. Chapter 4 covers modernization of management, introduction of the kanban system, total quality control, and early export activities. Further chapters cover bolstering the foundations, growing into a major business, and new directions.

The two goals of publishing this English edition of the companies official history our first to commemorate the company's founding and second to convey its development in activities by reviewing its history, thereby presenting the company to people around the world in a way that will let them understand Toyota better. The authors and editors decided to move beyond a straightforward year-by-year narration of Toyotas history.

The story doesn't fact start well before the actual founding of the company and it outlines clearly the development of the management/if he became to be practicing Toyota from the earliest days and is still in practice today. They describe not only the principal events in the company's history, but also the socioeconomic background of particular stages in its growth, kind of problems it faced in how it resolve them.

The book presents vivid portrayals of the central figures in Toyota's history and spotlights the key strategic decisions made by Toyota in terms of its business history and the general flow inside the company, relating to corporate organization and management control.

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