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Yaris P1 1.0 MM-TEC Sports Rear Silencer

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Model: Toyota Yaris P1 from 1999 - 2006

Engine(s): 1.0-Liter 48/50kW

Manufacturer: MM-TEC

Pipe type: Twin pipe (Diameter 70mm)

Report: EU type approval (eintragungsfrei)

Made of: Stainless Steel

Free shipping to Germany, buyers from other EU countries will pay 25,00 Euro only. EU shipping cost will be added to your order by the shop administrator when item will be invoiced.

Image is showing a sample. All sports exhaust systems are still in original boxes and item condition is new.

After the introduction of the first Yaris generation, a German Toyota dealer had this sport exhaust made by himself and sold it under his own brand MM-TEC to other Toyota car dealers.

An expert's report is enclosed with the exhaust and it can simply be plugged into the front silencer.